If you are aware of the concept of computers, mobile phones, and other networking devices, then you must have come across words like malware, viruses, and hacks.

Yes! You guessed it right. We are here to help you fight all these discrepancies and keep your networking devices all-clear and all tidy. The best things about the Kaspersky free antivirus are also mentioned in this blog continue reading this blog to find out more about it.

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Know the difference between malware and a virus?

Malware is a category and virus is just a type. The category of malware consists of varied types of unwanted or malicious codes like spyware, adware, nagware, viruses, etc.

Kaspersky Antivirus for pc knows and has a solution to each one of the individual problems states above and more.

What makes Kaspersky the BEST?

The foundation of the global cybersecurity giant, Kaspersky, was laid in 1997. Since then it has been providing services and innovative security solutions to protect businesses and your personal data.

Kaspersky has successfully protected the data of 400 million users and is helping 2 lakhs+ clients to protect all that matters to them.

Why do you need cybersecurity?

Are you aware of the fact that almost more than 1% of the 1.86 billion websites, (that is something like 18,500,000 websites) are infected with malware at a given time each week? This data shows that on average, a website is being attacked 44 times every day.

If you’re not worrying about the prying eyes taking a peek into your personal lives, why bother putting a password on any device? (We are being sarcastic because sarcasm is fun don’t you think? Jokes apart we highly recommend that you should not leave your device without passwords and shall use strong passwords at all times.)

Leaving a networking device without proper cyber protection is like leaving your phone without a password.

So let’s get to learn about the advantages of different types of Kaspersky software and pick out the best protection plan for you.

Kaspersky Antivirus

The most basic security software must be considered mandatory by any computer. This software guards your Windows PC against ransomware and the latest viruses while also blocking the cryptocurrency mining software that could add to your communications traffic and affect the speed of your PC.

It can be used in up to 10 PC’s for an appropriate price while the timing cover can be extended for up to 3 years according to your needs.

NOTE: This software is only for PCs

Advantages checklist:

  • 1. Award-winning security that protects your data from spyware, viruses, and phishing
  • 2. Combines security and efficiency by improving the performance of your devices
  • 3. Simple management and effortless usage

Kaspersky Internet Security

If you want to upgrade to a better program that offers advanced security cover not just to PC’s but mobile phones and mac devices, then this is the plan for you!

Kaspersky Internet Security does not just keep your money, privacy, and data safe and protected, but it also guards against online trackers, webcam spies, and financial scammers effectively on a wider range of devices. That will eventually help you against many kinds of cyber threats.

The program covers a set of 3 devices for the least that can be extended up to 10 devices at most and with an extendable cover period of up to 3 years.

Advantages checklist:

  • 1. Provides security for PC, Mac and mobile phones all under one license
  • 2. Privacy protection from intruders
  • 3. Extra security when you bank or shop online
  • 4. Blocks inappropriate content for safe kids browsing

Kaspersky Total Security

The star performer of The Kaspersky family, the one license policy of Kaspersky Total Security makes it an ideal choice for families and groups. It allows you and your kids/team to guard your valuable data from fraudsters, password leaks, identity thefts, malware and more. Kaspersky free antivirus is another option if you want to try its functions. It will give you all the premium features for the period of 30 days and in those 30 days, you can decide whether to go ahead and purchase the premium plan or not. But if you ask us, then I would say that you should always go ahead and buy the premium plans, because there are a lot of cyber threats which are being introduced in the market and the Kaspersky antivirus keep track of latest cyber threats which are being introduced from time to time.

The software is compatible with all sorts of platforms like mac, PCs and mobile phones. From 3 devices to 10 devices and from one year cover to 3 years, you can avail all of them at the most reasonable prices as per your requirements.

Advantages checklist:

  • 1. Privacy protection
  • 2. Safe money for online bank and shopping
  • 3. Security for kids on Mac and PC as it helps in managing the use of social networks
  • 4. Extra security for kids as it helps you take control over their browsing and learning over Mac, PC and mobiles
  • 5. Secure password manager saves your password and provides easy access from Mac, mobile, and PC
  • 6. File encryption and backup feature lets you backup your music, files, pictures, etc. for convenience and also encrypts data on PC

Wrapping Up-

We have provided the best Kaspersky review.  It is the most tested and most awarded cybersecurity solutions. Not only does it offer the best solutions at most economically affordable rates but it also helps in making your networking smoother by improving the performance of the device too

Kaspersky free antivirus is also another option to find whether it is good for you or not.

The main goal of Phenomenal Softwares is to guide and enlighten you with the most advanced and latest software choices so you can make the best use out of the discovered technologies with the utmost ease.

So if you want the best, trust only the best!