No matter how carefully you browse through the internet, tiny viruses and malware make their way to scroll through your PCs and Laptops. McAfee antivirus a security software acts as a line of defense from such threats. Trojan horses, ransomware, macro viruses, and multipartite viruses are some of the unwanted invaders that make your computer ‘unwell’ and ‘crappy’. Such viruses and worms frequently perform malicious acts – duplicating files, accessing personal data, deleting files, slow down system resources, log keystrokes or perform unauthorized action such as attacking other computers.

These failures and problems can be solved by installing anti-virus software that a user often overlooks and further, results in appalling consequences. Leaving your system without antivirus software is similar to leaving your smartphone without i.e. unsecured.

How anti-virus software is beneficial?

Antivirus software is the ‘guard’ of a computer system that restricts the entry of malware and viruses. It secures the computer from arriving threats and seeks out and destroys possible threats to the system.

Best Antivirus for your system security

Internet is the infinite venue where new viruses crawl out all the time. The best antivirus software keeps up with the latest threats. However, in a crowded market selecting the best choice of antivirus software can be a tricky challenge. But you can’t leave your PC unarmed. The importance of anti-virus software can’t be underestimated. You require the antivirus software that works as one size fits all. Online software security companies are regularly coming up with security software packages to protect against scams and all types of viruses. As per our research and positive reviews, McAfee provides excellent protection for Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

McAfee – Together is Power

McAfee antivirus is the program that helps protect your computer against most viruses, worms and keep your computer healthy. Keep your system safe against frequent virtual threats – ransomware, viruses, malware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more.

Benefits of subscribing to McAfee

  • It allows you to cover an unlimited number of devices. Now protect all of your PCs, MACs, Smartphones, and Tablets at the same time with just a single subscription.
  • Password Manager helps you to create strong and unique passwords for all your online accounts and saves and remembers them
  • It offers you an easy to use web-based console. Now protect and manage your system from one place.
  • It secures your devices and Wi-fi networks from unauthorized access. You can browse safely and thus, protect your information secure.
  • File lock keeps your personal files private by storing them on your PC with the mixing of password protection and encryption.

Now, you must be convinced to go for the McAfee antivirus software. The software has multiple power-packed features that are sufficient enough to protect your devices. It guards your device against the unwanted ransomware and viruses while blocking and destroying them. Let’s now know about McAfee products in brief.

Cloud security

Get a consolidated approach, complete visibility, and control for your cloud and data center transformation that go to all corners of your hybrid infrastructure.

Data protection and encryption

Protect your vulnerable data wherever stored in the device with the products that expand visibility and control

Security management

The central and cross-product management platform gives you visibility and control for your entire security ecosystem.

Network security

Network security gives you layered signature-less technologies that block any kind of malware and advanced targeted attacks on your network. These technologies provide protection against unknown threats and scale at once across physical and virtual data centers.

Database security

With McAfee antivirus database security, the users get real-time protection for business-critical databases from either external, internal, or even intra-database exploits.

Server security

Protect private and public cloud workloads and servers with products that support all major virtualization environments, minimize CPU overhead and centralize management.

Security analytics

Combine sandboxing innovation, dynamic code investigation, AI, and noteworthy danger answering to recognize refined assaults and share risk knowledge experiences over your whole condition.

Web security

Web security allows secure web connectivity with technology to protect your device and location from complicated from sophisticated internet threats. The option is available in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment.

Security information and event management (SIEM)

SIEM provides real-time visibility into each and every activity on systems, networks, databases, and applications. McAfee’s SIEM generates the actionable intelligence which a user needs to prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats.

Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection detects, prevents, and corrects advanced threats that give security integration, automation, and orchestration possible.

The users have given a thumbs up to all of the McAfee Products. They are the most viable option against viruses and online threats offering peace of mind.


In this section of this blog, we will discuss the McAfee antivirus price. You can start protecting your PC with McAfee antivirus free download.  It will provide you 30 days of free trial so you can check how this antivirus works or is it good for your particular usage or not. Later, you can start protecting your PC for as low as $19.99 for one year. You can choose different plans according to your own likings and usages. McAfee offers various plans with various features. You can click here for an in-depth buying guide.

To Conclude

We, at phenomenal softwares guide and enlighten you with the latest and award-winning antivirus protection to protect your data from the virtual threat.

McAfee antivirus software for PC is one of the greatest software that protects you from the majority of cyber threats that may harm your device. It will give you total security from all kinds of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. you name it and McAfee antivirus software will take care of it. As there are a lot of new cyber threats that are being evolved McAfee is the best option to protect your PC against all these nasty cyber threats.

You can even opt for McAfee Antivirus Free Download for 30-day free trial and start protecting your device as soon as possible.

Reach us for support at any hour of the day, steer clear of potential virtual threats and create a safer digital place for yourself.