In today’s world, where every innovation and invention is created by using smart devices, there are several chances that their data might get corrupted due to any malware. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself ready to fight against every virus or cyber-attack that is being made against your computer, laptop or mobile. We often underestimate the importance of owning an antivirus for our devices and end up facing malicious viruses and corrupted data. However, this is a worthwhile investment, (you can opt for Norton free antivirus download if you’re unsure about its usage) since it can protect your important data or device from hackers or malware. Such type of malware poses a serious threat to your online personal details or finances.

Norton Antivirus is counted amongst the best antiviruses that provide real-time protection against the most vulnerable malware that can exist in your Windows PC, Mac or mobile phone. In addition to this, Norton can fix the issues that can make your PC function slowly or go worse or even get a crash. This antivirus keeps your PC working smoothly for a longer time.

Apart from that, Norton security products profoundly analyze the new threats and formulate ways to secure your devices from them. Norton provides multiple products or services based on your preferences. Norton Antivirus Free download is always the option for trying out if it is good for you or not. Else you can opt for different plans according to your specific requirements. Let’s have a look at some plans!

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Norton Security – BASIC (Affordable yet Powerful)

Norton Security’s BASIC product provides patented antivirus protection against your PC virus or malware. It is affordable yet powerful enough to satisfy all your cyber-security related needs. The subscription of this service can be availed at just $59.99. Norton antivirus basic services include the following features:

  • This product facilitates the users to get top-grade protection for one PC at affordable prices
  • Norton Security Basic product can help your PC fight against malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats.
  • It uses one of the biggest global civilian intelligence networks to detect threats quickly.
  • Norton Antivirus Basic can make sure the viruses do not cause any damage to your PC and offer superior protection against social scams, harmful online transactions, and email phishing schemes.
  • It uses a global security network to detect and slaughter even the most powerful and latest online threat without any trouble. Powered by 24×7 hazard monitoring, Norton Antivirus Basic is designed to make users know about their online safety whenever needed. This product does not include any annoying advertisements.
  • Be it storing the oldest pictures or financial details, Norton AntiVirus Basic ensures the highest levels of security. It ensures that your PC will always have the latest version of protection.
  • Providing industry-leading protection, Norton has been providing the authentic antivirus software since 1989, ensuring premium performance and higher speed. Norton products have managed to gain an award-winning position at PC Magazine 39 times. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Norton protection keeps emerging with time and according to your latest needs. It ensures two-way firewall protection for data and offers parental control software. And the best part is that you can upgrade this software anytime!

Norton Security – STANDARD

If you are looking for comprehensive protection for your PC, Mac or mobile device, then Norton Antivirus Standard for indows is a recommended product for you. It ensures advanced security for your online confidential information or documents. It 100% guarantees virus-free devices and gives you a refund if it will not deliver which was promised when you subscribe to it. The subscription amount for Norton Antivirus Standard for PC starts from $79.99.

Norton AntiVirus Standard includes the following features:

  • Norton Antivirus Standard enables you to relish high-end protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other online threats.
  • You can use this antivirus for 1 PC, 1 Mac or 1 mobile device.
  • You can avail a great deal by subscribing to Norton Security Standard with Norton Secure VPN. This deal will ensure hassle-free and secure email or social media log in anywhere, anytime. Norton Secure VAN basically encrypts the data you share via your email or social media platforms.
  • Norton Antivirus for PC can comprehensively analyze and destroy the most harmful online threats like cybercriminals.
  • Norton will refund your money if the quality of the product is not delivered as promised.

Norton Security – DELUXE (Advanced Protection)

Norton Antivirus Deluxe is highly recommended for 5 devices, be it your PC, Android or iOS phones. In other words, you can expect protection for 5 devices within a single subscription. Norton is an AV-TEST award-winning antivirus provider company to offer the best protection. Let’s have a look at the major features offered by Norton Security Deluxe.

  • Superior quality protection for multiple PCs, smartphones, Macs, and tablets within a single subscription.
  • The starting price for this product is $89.99.
  • Norton Security Deluxe can be subscribed for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. The price will be different for each type of subscription.
  • For added benefits, you can combine this subscription with getting Norton Secure VPN service to ensure secure transmission of your data across social media channels.
  • We all live in a world where our privacy or personal data is at the most vulnerable place. With the emergence of the digital landscape, the sharing of personal or financial data has been increased gradually. To make sure your bills are being secured paid and your personal details are securely shared at multiple places, Norton AntiVirus Deluxe works efficiently against multiple online threats.

PS: Norton Internet Security is another service provided by Norton for better security.

Norton Security – PREMIUM (Keep your Family Safe)

Norton AntiVirus Premium is designed to offer inclusive protection, along with PC backup facility and online safety for your family. This antivirus software can be used for 10 devices within a single subscription. This subscription starts at a price of $119.99. Following are some important features that are included in this subscription:

  • Norton Antivirus Premium will automatically back up your all-important documents, images, and financial data stored on any type of Windows PC.
  • It can secure 10 devices, be it a PC, Mac, Android or iOS device.
  • This subscription comes with an additional feature of premium facility safety.
  • Norton AntiVirus Premium also includes 25 GB secure cloud storage for PC. You can also add more to it at an allocated price, based on your requirements
  • The biggest advantage of subscribing to this antivirus service can help you ensure the safety of your kids or family online. Norton Security Premium will provide the highest levels of security for your kids who spend time on their smart devices and the internet. It enables email alerts and notifications to track the activities of your kids over the internet.

Norton Mobile Security

You can subscribe to Norton Mobile Security services to keep your mobile phones safe and protected. This service will include Norton Mobile Security for iOS and Norton Mobile Security for Android. Since it is quite obvious that you carry a lot of information on their android or iOS phone. Through the Norton Mobile Security App, you can get effective protection for your mobile phone and personal information against online threats and scams. Be it an android or iOS, you can easily download or activate this application from your app store or play store to enjoy its benefits.

Norton Mobile Security for Android includes the following features:

  • App Advisor equipped with patent-protected app scanning technology
  • Wi-Fi security to detect risks or cyber-attacks when connecting to any Wi-Fi network
  • Web Protection secures your web browsing activities
  • Device Security to recover lost data

Norton Mobile Security for iOS includes the following features:

  • Wi-Fi security
  • Web protection
  • Device security

Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utilities Premium basically keeps a regular check on your PC to ensure its optimal performance. It takes care of your PC’s processing power, hard drive, and memory so that it can endure the launching of high-demand apps for gaming, streaming, and editing. Moreover, it will keep digital privacy intact and enable you to remove your browser file downloads. It frees up space by destroying unwanted applications present in your PC. Norton Utilities Premium cleans and repairs various issues.

Norton Safe Search

It is always recommended to browse safe-to-use websites for searching for any information. Norton Internet Security provides Norton Safe Search which will keep you updated if any site you have visited is unsafe so that you will not attempt to fill your personal information at that site. This feature is extremely beneficial for those who often prefer online shopping. This feature supports browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Norton Secure VPN

It also falls under the category of Norton Internet Security. Secure VPN by Norton will keep your highly confidential details safe when using the public network on your PC, Mac, and mobile device. For instance, your passwords, credit card numbers, and bank details. It comes with three types of subscriptions – 1 Device, 5 Devices, and 10 Devices.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • Premium protection for your privacy
  • Online freedom to browse websites and apps anytime, anywhere
  • Avoid unwanted online technologies used by many advertisers
  • Protection of data when using public Wi-Fi

Final Thoughts

Keep your and your family’s privacy intact by opting for this specially designed antivirus – Norton. Enjoy real-time protection for your personal data, passwords and financial documents by choosing the right package offered by Norton. Norton Antivirus Download process is easy and simple, just visit on the website and download it now. Visit the Phenomenal Softwares website to know more about the best selling antivirus software available in the market.