Content Management System or CMS is a software used for adding, editing, publishing, and deleting content from a website. Compatible with almost every web browser, this software can be used on a smartphone, desktop computer, and a tablet. Invariably, more and more users are searching for the most flexible content management systems, like Drupal, that can allow them to add features and also remove them if needed. By installing and uninstalling themes, users can change the entire feel and appearance of the website. Drupal Core is a base Drupal download that comprises PHP scripts required to execute the basic CMS functionality, various themes or modules, and many CSS, JavaScript, and image assets.

Why You Should Opt for Drupal?

When you dream of creating a website, you are available with countless options of Content Management Systems and Hosting services or building your own CMS or creating your website without using a CMS. If you want to build your website with Drupal, then here are some compelling reasons for why you should opt for Drupal.

Let’s get started!

Special Benefits for Freshers

Nowadays, even developers with less experience can build a simple website with static HTML pages quickly. Setting up a website in a CMS initially needs time, but can bring the users with amazing benefits of on-line editing, uniformity, and chances of embracing more complicated features needing a database.

A General Purpose CMS

When you are intended to build a special purpose website or a blog, then you must look for special-purpose hosted services and packages. In contract, if you are building a site that falls outside the intended purpose, then you will be using a general-purpose CMS rather than wasting time to use a special-purpose CMS.

An Aid for those who are planning their own CMS software

Even if you are building your own CMS tool, using Drupal as general-purpose CMS software, to begin with, can be a better idea. P.S – CMS software with basic functionality has several developers behind it, including years of bug fixing, security checking, and testing.

Less Restricted Software License

Nowadays, there is a wide range of CMS software packages that come with higher license prices. However, CMS software packages with free versions have restrictive licenses in which you cannot make alterations and extensions. But opting for CMS software like Drupal that owns a less restrictive license can be a great idea.

Famous Websites Using Drupal

The celebrated names in the market using Drupal include eBay, The Weather Channel, The Economist, General Electric, Tesla Motors, Louvre Museum,, United Institute of Peace, and many more.

Drupal is Ideal for?

Drupal is a suitable choice for large corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, publications, nonprofits, and foundations. In addition to this, Drupal is a perfect CMS for high-traffic, content-oriented, complex sites and also websites with large databases.


Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important aspects when it comes to viewing seamless content across devices. Constantly, more and more users are using the internet on their smartphones. Therefore, it is important for any website to be mobile-friendly. Drupal allows you to access your website on several devices, anywhere, be it a home or an office.

A Large Module Library for Advanced Customization

If you build a website with Drupal, you will be able to customize it. Drupal possesses a large community of users, including countless designers working behind a large module library. The modules included in a wide range of site features are Social Media, Calendar Plugin, Meta Tag Plugins, Image Effects, Captcha, Google Analytics, and a lot more. The latest versions of Drupal have made the module integration easier and improved.

Edit Your Site From Anywhere

Drupal can enable multiple users to simultaneously access the website for editing from any device. This advantage is quite convenient for large organizations.

Create Content Using these Tools

Drupal provides a simple WYSIWYG editor to allow editors, writers or admins to use their site without HTML or coding experience. This editing tool’s interface enables users to edit, write, or add content easily. It includes easy-to-use menu buttons that can be used to add formatting, hyperlinks, and images. Therefore, if you have minimal or even no coding experience, you can opt for Drupal for easy content management within your website.

Trouble-Free Content Migration

Even you have created a large website, Drupal is backed with key modules that are specially designed to handle content migration seamlessly. This module can systematically migrate your content of a large website without any risk. Popular names like the United States Institute of Peace have trusted Drupal for a secure migration and reorganization of their content.

Ensures Flexible Integration

Developers can easily integrate third-party APIs and the creation of their own API endpoints. Additionally, Drupal makes SSO with other systems simple using Google Apps or Salesforce. APIs and SSO are quite helpful in making your site function seamlessly with the famous third-party platform like Netforum.

Reasons to Buy:

  • 1) Drupal is open-source
  • 2) Mobile-friendly sites
  • 3) Apt for community platform sites
  • 4) Flexible
  • 5) Develops highly advanced sites

Reasons to Avoid:

  • 1) The installation process is complex
  • 2) Requires time
  • 3) Performance is not as good as expected

Wrapping it Up

Drupal is unquestionably a versatile and flexible content management system used by several web developers. With a large and global community of companies and people, it is one of the best ways to build flexible and scalable websites. Be it a business site or personal, you can opt for Drupal for better web experience. We at Phenomenal Softwares provides our readers with the most useful information about famous content management systems. So, stay updated with us!