HubSpot–There’s a Better Way to Evolve

Content is an unbeatable weapon to manage the total win-win situation for any brand if used in the right way. Although design plays an important part in the success of any website well-organized content contributes to achieving more web traffic and convert a customer. To ease out the content management, you can opt for content management software available in the market. Such types of software allow your marketing team to bring more productivity, drive business growth, enhance SEO, and gain more leads. It also helps them to figure out the unwanted technical or designing aspects from the process and make your business more efficient.

HubSpot has managed to gain immense fame as the leading growth platform that can enable a company to work together, be it a marketing or customer service. Hubspot CRM is free software, specially designed for companies that want to effortlessly organize, track or nurture their customers and leads. This free software can manage or speed up the process of your sales team by automating the daunting sales tasks that take months to complete. Apart from that, HubSpot comprises Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Sales Hub, each aims for helping companies with their growth. Let’s discuss them in detail.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is free, powerful and feature-rich software that can ease out the customer-oriented tasks of an organization. Offering a better way to streamline the sales funnel via a visual dashboard, HubSpot CRM ensures uncompromised visibility. This software can track customer interactions automatically, especially when they are connected over social media, email or a phone call. Each customer interaction will be stored in a well-organized timeline, ensuring a unified view. Be it a phone call or email, HubSpot CRM will let you get started where you left off.

HubSpot CRM targets for assisting you with building an improved relationship with your customers through personalized interactions. This software includes free live chat, team email or bots, and a universal inbox to offer you a managed view for your marketing, sales, and customer service team.

Attractive Features:

  • Send personalized emails
  • Expect real-time notifications
  • Create and measure templates for emails
  • Automatic contact records
  • Schedule more meetings
  • Automatically saved logs on the timeline

Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s marketing hub is beneficial for those who target for getting enhanced traffic, conversions, leads, and proven ROI by establishing an effective marketing campaign. With the help of Marketing Hub, you can modify your website by polishing your web pages, landing pages, email templates, and blog posts. This software offers the simplest way to edit and modify your content.

Marketing hub also helps you to make your content visible to the entire audience with blog posting, social media publishing and more. You can drive more traffic to your landing pages and convert visitors to potential customers effortlessly. Moreover, you can also track your customers’ interactions and use that data to report on how every marketing campaign contributes to sales.

Attractive Features:

  • CMS
  • Blogging
  • Ads
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Landing pages and Lead management
  • Form builder and analytics
  • Marketing Automation

Sales Hub

Sales Hub is a time-saving tool for people who want to keep their leads managed and well-organized. Right from the moment when a lead connects with you via email to have a couple of interactions, HubSpot’s Sales Hub is free to use and extremely easy to upgrade. It simply makes you sell more while making fewer efforts in leads management. With this software, you can easily uncover new leads within less time. Features like Email Sequences, Prospects, Inbox Profiles, and Email Tracking help you to keep updated and notified with every lead activity. Sales Hub also helps users to follow up with the leads, with the right message and at the right time. Pipeline your unmanaged insights of leads to increase the productivity.

Attractive Features:

  • Easy follow-ups
  • Setting up more meetings
  • Hassle-free sync with HubSpot CRM
  • Automate lead rotation, logs, task creation and more
  • Creating and sharing email template
  • Automate outreach

Service Hub

Effective customer service can draw the attention of potential customers. Service Hub will help you build an efficient and organized customer service. For any brand to excel in the market, it is very important for it to keep the highest standards of its product quality, time of delivery, and most importantly, excellent customer service. Those days are done when customers did not have any expectations. Today, if a brand wants to be successful online, then customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

Service hub helps businesses to encourage their customers to buy more and stay longer with them. This software also assists them to create an exceptional customer experience by delivering organized customer service. Special features, like Help Desk and Shared Inbox, can contribute to achieving the highest levels of efficient customer service.

Attractive Features:

  • Conversations
  • Tickets
  • Feedbacks
  • Automation & Routing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Team Email
  • Live Chat
  • Conversional Bots
  • Reporting

Final Thoughts

By opting for HubSpot you can easily drive your business growth by gaining the trust of potential customers. This feature-rich software is easy to understand and use. If you are high on sales or customer-oriented tasks, then HubSpot ensures more convenience for you and your team. Plus, it saves time. And what’s better than saving time while expecting great results? Therefore, go for this all-in-all content management software to find a lot of better ways to grow and evolve.