Empower your online business website with the best content management solution – Wix. Ensuring the easiest drag and drop content editing, this software is an ideal pick for professional web developers. Backed up with hundreds of free designer-made templates, this website builder also provides customized domain names to suit your business demands. With its content management system, you can easily display videos, text, pictures in a gallery layout and add various scrolling effects for added convenience. It also offers Artificial Design Modules that ensure customized websites with text and images. Moreover, Wix creates websites that are SEO-friendly – now, you can expect your website to touch the highest rank on search engines like Google.

If you are planning to set up an e-commerce website, it ensures a trouble-free display of your products and better management of orders and payments. For getting magnificent layouts and optimized websites, Wix is widely preferred by a huge number of users who own small businesses, online stores, restaurants, and professionals like photographers and makeup artists.

What to Expect from Wix?

Most of the templates are free, although some specific templates need updated packages. Wix templates are mobile-optimized which means the mobile version of your website can be easily adjusted by the editor and elements that can be re-organized to optimize the feel and appearance. Users can easily connect their website to Google Search Console. Also, the mobile editors provided by the Wix to enhance compatibility with search engines.

To ensure the highest levels of security, the Wix website editor automatically issues the SSL certificate. This feature is extremely advantageous for e-commerce websites.

Wix tailors the impressive design and suitable content that matches the business demands. If you are willing to subscribe to Wix, then you can explore its monthly or yearly based plans available at the varied price range. You can opt for its free plan that comes with a branded strip at the bottom section of the page. You can also upgrade your plan as per your business needs.

What Wix is Capable of?

Offering Business-Oriented Features

Being one of the easiest-to-use content management systems, Wix provides some amazing business-oriented features like appointment booking, subscription forms, and email marketing. Be it a real estate company or advertising business, Wix has it all covered by offering wide-ranging templates to select from.

Wix enables the web developers to start with an eye-capturing design by choosing the right template and utilizing all essential tools like domain hosting, SEO tools, online bookings, online store, and subscriber form. Ease of customizing text, images, and videos makes this software a leading choice for all businesses. Publish feature-rich business websites and share them on social media to spread the motive of your business.

Ensures Profitable Online Selling

In the arena of digital evolution, online shopping has become the next thing to boom in the e-commerce industry. Invariably, more and more business owners are willing to invest in online business. Hence, Wix has the capability to empower such businesses looking for a digital makeover. Now, it is quite easy to create a stunning online store with great ease and speed by using the Wix editor.

With the help of Wix, you can easily sell a wide range of products, from physical to digital services. It is convenient to create promotional discounts and codes, manage your store over a mobile app, control the shipping process, and much more. Wix offers its own apps that help the users to give your business wings. These apps can help you with guest checkouts, social commerce, inventory tracking, and much more.

Wix owns a powerful dashboard store analytics to give you access to the in-house data to match the dedicated e-commerce platforms.

Does Wonders to your Personal Website

One of the most prominent strengths of Wix is its ability to create personal websites like a portfolio to display your work or a website showcasing a personal event. The templates provided by Wix cover every imaginable design you want to add to your personal website. This content management system offers the easiest options for your personality to shine over the world wide web.

Whether you want to showcase just your online resume or require a site for an event like a wedding, Wix is the ultimate solution for you.


Undoubtedly a perfect blog comprises countless aspects in terms of features. Therefore, if you are down the road of getting a blogging website, Wix can be a good option. It allows users to create blog posts, social bookmarks, divide blogs into different categories, and add a commenting section and searching bar for added convenience. Even if you want to add a blog section to your existing website, then Wix is a solid choice to consider. You can pick Wix’s free plan to choose phenomenal templates and compelling blogging features.

The Evolving Wix’s App Market

If you are worried about the outgrowing of a Wix website, then don’t worry, Wix has an evolving app market that is launching new and countless add-ons to upgrade your website. Be it the functionality or quality of features, Wix ensures superior performance. Wix is constantly improving its functions to keep up the pace with almost every requirement.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Easy to use
  • Wix Video is an amazing tool for marketing and communication purposes
  • Wix Pro Gallery for optimized pictures on the web
  • Site booster integration
  • Comments app and live chat
  • Excellent templates.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not apt for building powerful and big e-commerce websites
  • Templates are not easy to change
  • Competitive software offers cheaper options

Final Thoughts

The content management and designing options provided by Wix can make your website professional and attractive. If you are looking for an ideal content management solution for your upcoming dream website, then Wix is surely a suitable option for you. Have a look at the above-mentioned features and functions of the website creator to make the right decision for your website. We at Phenomenal Softwares provide you with every relevant information about content management systems that can meet your business demands. If you want to know more about such software, then stay tuned with us!