Are you a business owner who wants to have a powerful marketing automation platform and an equally powerful content management system? If yes, then you are at the right place as in this blog we are going to discuss the ins and outs of HubSpot.

HubSpot’s content management system has already revolutionized digital content marketing with its powerful marketing automation platform but now it is making waves in the market with its content management system as well.

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Coming back to the blog, I will try to make this blog as simple as I can so that my mom would also understand and do not find this Outer space gibberish. Let’s discuss this without any delay.

Is it COS or CMS? Let’s Break It Down

When the internet started (for common people) CMS technology was nothing but a Sci-fi imagination for webmasters, who would’ve thought at that time that you can have something like this where you can manage your content which is on the website at the same place.

There are so many content management systems out there on the internet but HubSpot content management system is the one we are going to discuss. The company is driven by the trendy and super chill individuals, so they changed the traditional approach of CMS, they added super fly features in traditional CMS and call it COS which basically means Content Optimization System.

What feature did they add in CMS?

The major and only difference between the traditional CMS and Hubspot’s COS (which is pretty much the same thing) is that they offer a fully packed marketing solution which includes automation, email marketing, managing social media, etc.

Isn’t it cool? Just imagine, HubSpot not only changed the name but also they changed the whole approach of traditional CMS. That is a revolutionary thing to do. They not only gave people what they want but also they threw a few extra services that are lacking by other content management systems.

What else HubSpot offers?

Let’s discuss other revolutionary services provided by HubSpot for a better understanding of the platform and help you choose whether its good for your business or not.

  • HubSpot CRM Software-

It is among the leading free CRM software which is available in the market at this time. It makes the task of the sales team much more efficient as it allows them to get started without bothering the current workflow.

Did I mention that the HubSpot CRM software is a free platform? You didn’t see that coming, did you? Another best thing about it is that the user interface of the platform is smoother than the butter which will give users the best experience.

  • HubSpot Project Management System

This makes the collaboration tasks simpler. Imagine having a huge team where you assign tasks to the members to achieve but every time you go ahead and assign the task you have to bring the whole team in the conference room it is something that is time-consuming, but with this tool, you can assign people desired tasks all at the same time.

Everything you need for managing the project, as well as the team is under one roof. Everything is available to all the members of the team equally. On top of that, lead management is just like a piece of cake with the HubSpot project management system.

  • Website Designs-

HubSpot offers various services and HubSpot website builder is one of the best out there. You can easily and effortlessly create the design of your website.

The best thing about it is, that web designs are SEO friendly and come with SEO optimization reminders. It is responsive and holds a smart user interface.

Another cool feature of HubSpot is that your website will always be optimized no matter where you use it. Be it a tablet, computer, mobile phone, etc. no matter the medium your website is always be optimized. This is beneficial as you do not have to check the website for any kind of optimizations from time to time.


Talking about HubSpot pricing, it offers a free plan to get you started, but if you want to take it to another level then the prices may vary upon the plan you choose. It offers plans for small businesses as well as the enterprise level. The basic plan per month starts at $50 and goes up to $3200 per month. You can choose a professional plan as well which starts from approximately $800. Different plans have different features as well that are beneficial for different businesses.

HubSpot, In A Nutshell, the Pros & Cons list-

To put it simply and in a nutshell, let’s go through the pros and cons list of HubSpot now-


  • Free
  • Unified Publishing
  • Responsive
  • Secure


  • Difficult to migrate contacts to other automation tools
  • Limited options for plugin and themes
  • No control over backup and recovery

All-in-all HubSpot is one of the best  CMS available out there in the market. One can simply opt for the free HubSpot plan to get started and later when your business grows you can opt for professional plans and enterprise plans as well. Apart from a few cons, HubSpot is full of pros.


Even though there are a lot of CMS available in the market right now, HubSpot has its own following. In this article, we have put two and two together and give you the best HubSpot review. A company that is led by the individual who revolutionized the approach of the traditional content management system is the best platform I can think of for your business. The best thing about the HubSpot Content Management System COS is that it comes with the services which other CMS platform do not offer under the same roof.