Have you ever wondered about owning a website but you don’t want to give out easy cash to just anyone because you are such a perfectionist and you don’t think that anybody could ever touch the level of perfection as you?

Well, you are in luck because there’s one tool that is meant for those specific individuals who love to work with their own hands. Now you must be wondering this must cost a huge amount of money and would leave a hole in your bank account, but it is actually the opposite.

Imagine you want to start your business and you decided to make a website and then some con men walk into your life claiming he will provide you with the best website and extort money out of you. You wouldn’t want any of that. You only want to get started with your business as soon as possible.

Your website and the content on the website is the first thing your clients will notice and it is very crucial to choose the right content management system.

Want to know more about what is that content management system? Well, to know more about it continue reading as the journey would be very exciting.

Wix- The Content Management System

It is not just a platform that manages content but it also provides tools such as WIX website builder, through which you can go ahead and create your own website with Wix content management system , even if you do not know how to code.

The friendly user interface would give you ease while creating your own website. Gone are the days when you had to hire webmasters and they would charge a huge amount of money just to get the basic website ready.

You can take the control, in your own hands with it and you don’t have to rely on anyone.

The easy drag and drop option is one of the best things which makes the creation of the website smooth and easy. Although it has a very interactive user interface, it also has some drawbacks as well. We’ll talk about those a bit later in this blog.

Who is it best for?

The platform is suitable for beginners who don’t know how to code or create a website. The platform offers a large variety of free templates from which you can choose and edit them as per your liking.

All the templates available on the platform are mobile-optimized which means you can edit the mobile version of the website without any problems. With Free Website Builder using Wix website builder you can do wonders for your website/blog.

Also, it provides inbuilt SEO for better results and traffic.


Wix Content Management System gives the highest priority to security. To demonstrate that it issues an SSL Certificate, which is a magnificent feature for e-commerce websites.

It also makes sure that it is not among those websites which are highly prone to cyber threats. The WIX team ensures that they provide the best security and make the platform less prone to hacks and other nasty threats.

What Wix offer?

It provides various features to help in the growth of your small business or your blog. Through Wix website builder you can make an engaging and interactive website. It gives you business-oriented features which means you can focus solely on your business growth as well as ensures your profitable online selling. It also offers a large variety of highly customizable templates that you can edit as per your liking.

It would also help you if you are working on a blogging website, as it will let you create blog posts and divide them into different categories, you can also add a social bookmark and also create a blog comment section as well.

All in all the platform is one of the most trusted CMS platforms available today.


If you talk about Wix pricing then I must say you can never be this lucky. You can start building your website for free. Isn’t it awesome? A whole lot of features and power-packed website builder all of it for free.

Let’s have an overview of the WIX website builder and discuss its Pros and Cons so that you will get a better understanding of the CMS platform.


• Easy to use
• Interactive tools for marketing and communication purposes
• Site boosting tool
• Live chat
• Huge library of templates
• Wix Pro library.


• Not suitable for building big business websites and eCommerce websites.
• Complex customizable templates
• Competitors offer cheaper options.

Wix is one of the best content management systems out there. It offers so many things for small businesses and provides a variety of features and that too free of cost. If you are just starting out then it is the best option out there. As the market of WIX is evolving, this is the best option out there for you to start. It also keeps on improvising to stand out among its competitors and provide you with the best possible services.


Coming to the conclusion, I wanted to say that the content management and designing services provided by WIX are the best thing you could get and that too without even spending a penny. Who wouldn’t want the best of the best services without paying anything at all? It is just like the dream come true don’t you think?
With WIX I must say that all your concerns about your website are resolved. As the designs provided by the platform surely makes the website professional and interactive.

Your website is the first thing about your business your client would notice, so if your client will notice that your website is easy to use and interactive in nature then the chances are he would give you his business and this will eventually help your business grow if you talk about your business’s long term goal.

It does have all the tools and services in-built so you do not have to purchase it separately. Some of those services are SEO, Email lists, Social media posts, email marketing, etc.

It is the best value for the money CMS platform one could start using right away.