Do you know?  You’re not the only one who uses WordPress for their business? Fortune 500 companies use the same platform as you to deliver their content on the web.

So, if you have got any questions like- Is it safe to use WordPress? Then I would like to tell you that you’re on the safe side and have made the right decision.

WordPress is among the most popular CMS platforms out there, you not only can build responsive websites over the platform but also you are able to design beautiful and interactive designs as well.

You can create any style of the website using WordPress, whether it would be a personal blog/website or a big full-featured eCommerce platform, you can simply create them so easily.

The best thing about the WordPress website builder is that you don’t have to worry about coding at all. The simple user interface and highly customizable themes and design will make it easy for any individual to create and use it without any problem.

Let’s discuss what exactly WordPress is? And who is it best for?

Let’s discuss it without any further ado, but before doing that, if you want to know more about CMS then you can simply check out the Phenomenal Softwares website. Now, let’s get started!

What is WordPress & for who is it best for?

To answer that, let’s dig deep into the history of the platform. I’m pretty much sure that you have heard of WordPress’s name several times when you were searching for a platform that is suitable for content management. But did you know that initially it was not meant for content management? Initially, it was built only for managing blogs.

Over the years it has grown from the mere blog management tool to most trusted and outstanding content management systems.

WordPress is suitable for every industry, small or big, new or old it is the best choice. Who is it not best for? Well, it is not best for those people or users who do not want any fancy features or if they want to have limited user options. With WordPress website builder everything is possible.

All-and-all, it is not best for those people who just want to have a small website or want to maintain a small blog as it’d be overkill for those particular users.

For better hold on your website, you can even download WordPress application dashboard on your PC or laptop, so whenever you’re traveling you can go through your stats and manage the content.

What features WordPress offers?

WordPress CMS has various features that would help in creating a powerful and responsive website. Let’s discuss those features in detail.

  • Multisite integration-

It can be used to launch a variety of sites whether it’s a personal blog, or eCommerce platform, you name it and it can be done on WordPress.

Furthermore, you can add any number of plugins for better performance of the website. You can simply make your website the way you want.

  • Self-hosting

It is not very complex in the matter of ownership and use. It is not mandatory to use free WordPress hosting. You can simply create your website on WordPress and can host it anywhere you want.

You are the owner and controller of your data. This feature would really help in server migration.

  • User Management-

Larger organizations may benefit from this feature. To maintain or update the website a backend team is responsible. These organizations hire those who are responsible for all the work related to updating and managing the website and to do that those people in the backend need access to your WordPress site.

WordPress user management feature comes handy here, as it has broken-down permission settings. For example- Administrators who can access the full website, authors who can write content on the website and can upload it, editors who have access to the content pages and can edit them if they find any flaw in the content and last but not the least subscribers who don’t have any permission like editing or management access to your website.

This feature is very useful as you can control to whom you give access to your website. The site owner can easily edit these roles anytime they want. This makes site management just like a cakewalk.

  • Media Management Tool-

This tool makes both storing and embedding media in the content easy. You can store all your media in the WordPress library to use it later again.

WordPress management tool can allow you to edit, insert and alt texts just by dragging and dropping.

  • Plug-ins-

It offers a variety of plugins for your website integration. These plugins help in the better performance of your website. You can add any amount of Plugin on your website without any problem.

  • Theme Customization-

You can customize your website theme which would give you a professional-looking website at the end of the day which your clients would love to visit again and again. You can download WordPress templates free of cost and can edit as per your likings.

  • SEO Readiness- 

It is designed for search engine optimization, and it is the most preferred tool for creating SEO-friendly websites. You can also boost the website’s SEO by using some plugins on top of that which would help you increase your keyword ranking.

Isn’t it awesome? It is giving so many features, all under the same roof. Now you must be curious about the price as well. So, to answer that let’s move forward to the pricing section-


WordPress is open-source software. So what does it imply? It simply implies that you can use the platform free of cost. You can use the platform without spending anything, but there is some kind of cost associated with it as well, including web hosting and optional premium themes and plugins for better site integration.

Wrapping Up-

WordPress is among the best open-source Content Management Systems available in the market. You can do a lot of things with WordPress CMS. It would give you total control over your website and since it is open-source, you do not have to pay anything. Though, there are some costs you do have to pay only if you choose those extra things for better site integration. For example- you do have to pay for premium web templates and plugins. The WordPress website builder is like the icing on the cake.

This is an all-rounder CMS that is available and that too without any cost.