Ahrefs is a multinational company that was established in 2011, offering valuable and simple-to-use tools to drive your business growth, uplift your search ranking, analyze competitors, and monitor your niche. These tools will give you an idea of why your competitors are staying ahead from you and what effective strategies they have been using over the years. These tools include Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, Site Audit, SEO Toolbar, Domain Comparison, Content Gap, free Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool, and a lot more. Trusted by famous brands like Facebook, Linkedin, UBER, and Tripadvisor, Ahrefs is now continued to be a popular name among professional digital marketers. In this blog, we have tried to put together the best Ahrefs reviews for your better understanding.

Invariably, Ahrefs is adding new tools and features to its library. These tools and features ensure you a better tremendous growth in the digital landscape. Keyword research, position tracking, ongoing SEO monitoring, content-oriented research, and competitive domain comparison are some of the features and capabilities offered by Ahrefs. In addition to this, it keeps one of the largest indexes of backlinks over the internet. With the use of free online backlink checker tools, you can get relevant backlink suggestions for your website.

The best thing about Ahrefs is its dashboard which is fairly sparse. The navigation bar is quite simple to use. It has tabs for Alerts, Site Explorer, Dashboard, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, and more. You have the Ahrefs browser toolbar and other tools like quick batch analysis and domain comparison.

Keyword research will be the most beneficial feature that you will want to use to identify the best search engine results pages to be targeted.

Competitive Analysis

Ahrefs will let you analyze the search traffic of your competitors with the help of an organic search report. How fascinating would it be if you will be able to know the exact keywords that are being used by your competitors to rank higher and drive their traffic? Ahrefs will let you find the top pages report to know which pages can attract the maximum traffic to their websites. Content Gap is the tool used to find the keywords they rank for.

You can find the best possible organic keywords used by your competitors. Site Explorer tool will give you an extensive insight into the organic keyword traffic and backlink of any URL or website. Site explorer includes three robust SEO tools – Organic Traffic Research, Paid Traffic Research, and free online backlink checker tools.

Keyword Research

Ahrefs maintains an inventory of over 3 billion keywords in its database. Users can use keywords explorer to know annual search volume trends and get insights into ranking history and behavior of the searchers.

Keyword Explorer can be used to find some valuable keyword suggestions. It is analyze the ranking difficulty of those keywords and also know their capability to bring traffic. Keyword Explorer will show keywords ideas for 10 different search traffic and supported by 171 countries. You can check the keyword difficulty score, click metrics, advanced SEO metrics, search volumes, keyword list, and SERP overview.

Buy Premium Ahrefs SEO Audit Tools

Start using Ahrefs’ SEO analyzer tool that allows users to run SEO audits from anywhere. You can get access to data retrieved by the SEO checker while crawling your site, view URLs with issues and attributes with applying custom filters, and schedule SEO check regularly. You can buy premium AhRefs SEO audit tools to dig into the progress of your SEO.

Backlink Data

Ahrefs offers one of the best free online backlink checker tools that are used to uncover backlinks and some advantageous SEO metrics. Site Explorer is the tool that helps you take a deep look at the backlink profile of any site or URL. The tool will let you conduct free competitor backlink analysis on any site or URL.

Content Research

This feature of Ahrefs will let you search for the most relevant content that will benefit your niche. Content Explorer is quite a beneficial tool. It will let your which content is performed well in terms of social media, organic search traffic, and the number of backlinks, whenever you enter any keyword.

You will find all the blogs or articles mentioning your targeted keywords. Content Explorer Tool will let you find all article results based on organic traffic, traffic value, social shares, domain rating, and referring domains.

Content Explorer refines your search by supporting advanced search operators. Using the right combinations, you can easily search link building aspects, topics with low competition, and more. Filters like Language, Domain Rating, Social Shares, Organic Traffic, Site, and Number of Words will help you find content that meets your requirements.

Rank Tracking

Ahrefs offer Rank Tracker Tool that will help you have a look at significant location-oriented ranking reports. You can receive these reports automatically on your email address. This tool will monitor your search rankings on mobile and desktop across 170 countries. All you need to do is to impost your keyword list, add various countries per keyword, and mention your competitor’s URLs to get the data tracked and get regular updates.

This  tool will  help you to visualize your SEO growth. You will get a history of visibility, average position and traffic, and positions distribution. Rank Tracker charts your data against your competitors and reports on major key areas like Ranking Progress, SERP Features, and Search Traffic.

Web Monitoring

Ahrefs allows you to monitor your competitors’ niches to avail of more satisfying opportunities. You can easily track the PR and link building activities of your competitors and your own, almost in real-time. Set up alerts for keywords that are relevant to your brand or business. You can also set up alerts for new and lost backlinks by entering any website URL. 


Ahrefs pricing is another factor to look upon. The pricing starts from $99 a month which falls under the category of “Lite” plan and goes up to $999 a month which the company refers to the “Agency” plan. Afrefs pricing is one of the most flexible out there. You can choose any plan according to your own preferences.

Advantages of Opting for Ahrefs

There are countless advantages of opting for Ahrefs. Some of them are given below:

  • Brilliant Customer Support

Apart from offering some exceptionally valuable tools, Ahrefs takes care of your all issues relates to its tools and usage. It has a skillful support team. This team is 24/7 hours available to answer your queries via chat or email.

  • Customized Learning Material

Ahrefs provides easy-to-understand tutorials on their blog and YouTube channel to feature their tools.

New Features

Ahrefs keeps updating its existing tools and launching new products. Ahrefs also consider requests from owner to adding new features or products.

Private Facebook Community

Ahrefs is backed by highly-skilled SEO experts and digital marketers in its customer-only community.

Reasons to Buy

  • Site Explorer is easy to use.
  • Content Explorer is very helpful.
  •  Free online backlink checker tools.
  • Buy premium Ahrefs SEO audit tools

Reasons to Avoid

  • Domain rankings change with time
  • Complex features
  • Graphs cannot be exported

Ahrefs is a significant software offering tool for advance solution. Like:- online backlink, on-page SEO analysis, domain comparison, online web mentions tracking, and whatnot. Ahref’s free competitor backlink analysis is an extremely powerful tool to help you get insights into your competitor’s keywords and rankings. Visit the Phenomenal Softwares website to read in-depths Ahfrefs reviews.