Introduced in 2001, A2 Hosting is counted amongst the high-powered web hosts offering speedy and reliable hosting solutions. According to a recent study A2’s SSD Turbo servers can make web pages to load 20 times faster than any non-SSD servers. Users can enjoy this top speed in the various hosting plans offered by A2 web Hosting. The customer support provided by this hosting company is quite efficient. The developer-friendly hosting plans feature many exciting features. The best part about this hosting provider is its money-back guarantee policy. Users can get a refund amount on any unutilized part of their plan. Plus, most hosting plans include backups and SSL. Speaking of Uptime, A2 Hosting ensures 99.9% uptime on all its servers. But, if you face any issue, you can contact their support team anytime, anywhere. We have heard many positive A2 hosting reviews so we decided to explore more about it and deliver our readers quality content they’re longing.

Green Hosting Company

A2 Hosting supports green hosting. That means they have included green energy practices to their regular offerings. A2 is partnered with to reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, A2 web Hosting has become carbon neutral since 2007. Whether you are building your first e-commerce store website or revamp your blog, A2 Hosting is a good option to be considered.

Why Choose A2 Hosting?

Founded by Bryan Muthig, A2 Hosting is a simple-to-use and power-packed web host with a core goal of delivering good web hosting services. It offers unlimited storage memory and transfer, free SSD and free site migration. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable web host that promises up to 20x faster web page loading speed with competitive rates, then A2 Hosting is worth considering.

A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting cover some of the most compelling features that you would love to have in the hosting plan you have chosen. Some of them are mentioned below. Please take a look!

Developers-Friendly Hosting

Be it a Linux development software or Windows Development software, A2 Hosting provides the best versions of your preferred solutions. It supports the most popular programming languages like PHP, the most used database solutions like MySQL 5.6 and frameworks like ASP.NET. A2 Hosting ensures the fastest solutions for web hosting while taking care of the developers’ needs. The shared hosting plan includes WordPress, Drupal and Joomla optimized hosting, apt for hosting personal blogs or websites.

The Best Domain Registration

A2 Hosting offers the easiest and fastest domain registrations for all TLDs and ccTLDs. Even if you are looking for a niche extension for your site, A2 Hosting offers hundreds of choices. Opt for H2 Hosting’s hosting services to get the best domain features, along with free DNS management, ID protection option, and free domain theft protection. A2 Hosting has a highly reliable SwiftServer platform to host your websites in the most efficient way. Choose from WordPress, Shared, Reseller, Dedicated Server, and VPS domain hosting services offered by A2 Hosting to boost your website. 

Free Site Migrations

Moving your existing website is quite easy with A2 Hosting. It does not include any extra charges on any plan. The shared hosting users that have chosen the Lite, Turbo and Swift plans can get a single site migration for free. However, reseller, dedicated, and managed VPS Hosting customers will get 25 free site migrations. You all you need is to provide us with your cPanel access to your sites.

Effective Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers an efficient customer support services that enable users to connect with their support team via chat, phone or ticket-based assistance service. A2 Hosting also offers live chat sessions to help customers with any issue. They also provide a bunch of knowledge-based articles to help users find quick answers.


Online security is something you can’t compromise with. A2 Hosting plans include enhanced server security while ensuring lightning-fast page loading. Servers are guarded by HackScan that is quite efficient in scanning all types of malware and other online attacks. The data centers are also protected especially in the cases of DDos breaks out, or any kind of sudden surges.

Fastest Hosting

A2 Hosting unbeatable, fastest site performance as compared to standard web hosts. Their SwiftServer Platform has managed to add the highest level of expertise and speed to your existing sites. You will get free SSDs, fastest Turbo Servers promising 20x faster page loading speed to make your website perform exceptionally well over the web. A2 web Hosting provides three types of web hosting, based on your page loading speed requirements. The LITE is the basic plan and is perfect for hosting a single site. SWIFT and TURBO are advance A2 web hosting plans, allowing you to host unlimited websites.

Furthermore, let’s discuss all the necessary reasons to buy this and all the other necessary reasons to not go for that.

Reasons To Buy:

  1. Fast Sharing Hosting
  2. User-friendly customer support
  3. Free site migration
  4. CMS, developer-friendly tools
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee

Reasons To Avoid:

  1. Uptime is not as good as expected
  2. Expensive renewal rates
  3. Cheapest plans have very limited features

Not everything is perfect, so there are some flaws in everything. We have discussed both the pros and cons of the A2 web hosting.

Final Thoughts

Invariably, A2 Hosting has managed to deliver the best speed for many years. The customer support is beyond our expectations. All shared hosting plans include a free SSL certificate and one free site migration. And we cannot skip its 30-day money-back guarantee policy. The only disadvantage that you cannot ignore is its uptime that has slipped over the last few years. All in All, A2 Hosting is worth adding to your best web hosting providers list. If you are looking for a fast, developers-friendly and reliable web host, then A2 web hosting is undoubtedly is a good-to-go pick.

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