Established in 2013, Kinsta is counted amongst the best WordPress hosting software around the world. Offering fast services combined with cutting-edge hosting technology, Kinsta ensures that your website has the upper hand. Kinsta is backed by the skillful team who is working with WordPress for over a decade. Focusing on customer-centric work methodology, Kinsta uses its customers’ feedback to fuel their innovations for building the best hosting solutions. If you are looking for quality-driven hosting solutions, then this Kinsta web hosting review can be very helpful to you.

Kinsta’s hosting plans include some exciting features like free migration and hack fix assurance. If you want to settle down for average features, then you should go for its starter plan that includes 1 WordPress Install, 20,000 visits, 10 GB disk space, and free SSL and CDN. However, the most advanced enterprise-level hosting plan includes 150 WordPress Install, 3,000,000 visits, 250 GB disk space, and Free SSL & CDN.

Common Features that are included in all hosting plan are as follows:

Expert WordPress Developers Support

Highly Security Network

Flexibility to choose your data center

Developed for lightning speed

Staging areas

Powerful administration

Major Features of Kinsta hosting

With the experience of around 10 years, Kinsta has continued to build the best-managed WordPress hosting solutions for the customers.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Kinsta uses technologies like PHP 7.3, Nginx, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs, contributing to the efficiency of your website. These technologies also ensure automatic scalability, full resource isolation, and high availability.

Security Assurance

Kinsta prevents all types of malicious attacks or intents in its network so that your website can work securely. It offers DDoS detection, Hardware Firewalls, SSL support, and uptime monitoring for your website. Kinsta hosting majorly focuses on the security aspect of it. Who doesn’t want to have a perfect security solution for their website? So this hosting service pays special attention to security so that no attacks can be made and the data of those users will always be protected. At all costs and at all times.

Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta web hosting is powered by Google Cloud Platform and 20 global data centers for hassle-free and secured migration of your data, reduce distance and hops over a premium tier network.

Free Site Migrations

If you want to move your website, Kinsta allows free site migration without any issue. Its expert migration team works dedicate to allow hassle-free migration of your website.

Saves Time

Kinsta hosting services enable its customers to focus on their growing business without worrying about their website. Kinsta’s team will take care of different aspects like regular uptime checks, automatic scaling, and hack Fixing.

24/7 Support

Kinsta offers exceptional and high-quality support services to solve your problems while considering them as the first priority. Backed by the experienced WordPress experts, Kinsta offers instant feedback, 24/7 monitoring, and a 100% problem-solving rate.

User-Friendly Yet Robust

The platform and dashboard of Kinsta are designed while keeping the comfort of beginners in mind and yet it is backed by the most innovative features and tools specially crafted for developers. The unified management dashboard contributes to the easiest site management. It has all the tools that are quite easy to use and understand. You have the flexibility to choose your data center from 20 global locations for your sites while ensuring low latency and fast load time. Kinsta also uses the Premium Tier Network of Google Cloud Platform for faster and secure data transportation.


By hosting your website with Kinsta, you can get fast website loading time along with excellent back-end speed, Thanks to the amazing WordPress Dashboard! Kinsta hosting infrastructure is packed with some powerful servers, which means your website will not have to wait for RAM or CPU resources. For brilliantly strong network connections, Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform and data centers. Everybody likes lightning fast websites no matter if you’re the customer or the developer. The best thing about the speedy websites is it will provide you with a seamless user experience that everybody likes.

WordPress-Specific Features

Simple-to-use site creation

WordPress specific security rules and regulations.

Page caching is performed by the server.

MyKinsta comes in 12 languages.

Comprehensive Analytics include performance data, bandwidth and more.

Staging environments.

Multi-user roles and permissions.

Other Special Features

Kinsta also offers some add-ons features that can be added to any of its plans.

Cloudflare Railgun

Railgun gives you the assurance of a fast connection between the origin server and the Cloudflare network. This will help you in better and faster communication, and will eventually increase productivity in your work.


Open source and in-memory data structure store can be used as a database, message broker, and cache.


Restful analytic and the search engine can solve an increasing number of use cases.

Scale visits, disk space, and CDN

There is no need to modify the plan to manage a peak. The transparent overage costing helps you calculate in advance.

Nginx Reverse Proxy

It offers support for the loading of WordPress from a subdirectory. However, a separate website can be loaded at the root domain.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Easy site migration
  2. WordPress Expert support
  3. Customized dashboard
  4. Staging site
  5. Free SSL and advanced tools within your control

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Email Hosting is missing
  2. No phone support
  3. Steep price point

Final Thoughts

Having a dream of a blazing-fast loading website? Opting for Kinsta’s hosting services can help you transform your dreams into reality. Kinsta has managed to be a renowned hosting service provider offering feature-rich hosting plans for you. If you expect fast managed WordPress hosting with advanced levels of uptime and the power of managing multiple visitors, then choose Kinsta today! Have a happy digital journey! All and all Kinsta is one of the best for web hosting. You can simply go-ahead for it and start your digital journey now!

Still not satisfied? Well to quench your satisfaction you can go through the Phenomenal Software website and read in-depth Kinsta review!